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Avitide Finalizes Development of AVIPure®-COV2S, an Affinity Purification Resin for Covid-19 Vaccines

Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA – February 4, 2021 – Avitide, Inc. the industry leader in the discovery and development of affinity purification chromatography resins, announced that it has finalized the development of an affinity bioprocess resin for the purification of recombinant COVID-19 vaccines. The AVIPure®-COV2S resin delivers outstanding performance as a capture resin for the majority of recombinant COVID-19 vaccines.

The AVIPure®-COV2S resin is based on an affinity ligand that is highly selective to the receptor binding domain within the SARS-CoV-2 virus spike protein. The receptor binding domain is a central component within all recombinant COVID-19 vaccine developers’ strategies to elicit protective immune responses. Given the selectivity of the AVIPure®-COV2S resin for this common domain, the resin has been successfully tested with a variety of recombinant protein COVID-19 vaccine constructs, including large trimeric spike proteins, the smaller S1 protein, and other biologics which use the receptor binding domain.

“The successful development of AVIPure®-COV2S resulted from collaborations with several industry COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers, said Warren Kett, PhD, Avitide’s Chief Scientific Officer. Our resin in particular has several defining characteristics such as high binding capacities and purity, high yields at soft elution conditions, and extended resin stability in sodium hydroxide which makes this product an optimal choice for bioprocess and research applications.”

“The speed of global COVID-19 transmission and the urgent response by vaccine manufacturers has placed a high demand on improving vaccine manufacturing productivity. The pandemic response has also been characterized by an unprecedented degree of scientific and industry collaborations,” said Kevin Isett, PhD, Avitide’s Chief Executive Officer.

“Our goal from the outset was to collaborate with vaccine developers and apply the AVIPure® platform to quickly create a high-performance bioprocess purification resin that enables manufacturers to increase their efficiency and deliver more doses within existing global manufacturing capacity,” said Isett, “With the help of our partners, we are proud to achieve this development milestone and now set our sights on the global commercial supply of AVIPure®-COV2S.”

Presales of AVIPure®-COV2S resin begin this month. Commercial quantities will be available for supply in April 2021 for use in GMP manufacturing operations. Interested parties seeking to evaluate AVIPure®-COV2S resin should contact Avitide directly at

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