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Gemini Therapeutics and Avitide Enter Into Exclusive License Agreement
Avitide Resins to Improve Process Development Timelines and Accelerate Timing of Clinical Trials for Gemini

Lebanon, New Hampshire – December 9, 2019 – Avitide, Inc., the industry leader in the discovery and development of custom affinity purification resins, announces that it has entered into an exclusive license agreement to support the development of one of Gemini Therapeutics’ therapeutic programs.

“While antibodies have a relatively straightforward path through development, non-antibody biopharmaceuticals do not. We anticipated challenges and partnered with Avitide to de-risk our lead program and accelerate preclinical development. Avitide supplied resins for process development, toxicology lot and cGMP manufacturing in sync with our CDMO timelines. Given the success of our first partnership, we look to expand the relationship to include other therapeutic programs within the Gemini portfolio,” said Scott Lauder, Gemini Therapeutics’ Chief Technology Officer.

The license agreement grants Gemini Therapeutics exclusive rights to specific Avitide affinity resins for use in preclinical, clinical and commercial manufacturing. In turn, Avitide retains exclusivity for the manufacture and supply of the affinity resins to Gemini Therapeutics.

“Bioprocess development is often on the critical path for any biopharmaceutical drug entering the clinic; establishing an initial purification process that does not have line-of-sight to commercial manufacturing can carry significant costs and regulatory risks. Gemini recognized these risks from the onset and elected to work with Avitide to de-risk their overall development path. We look forward to continuing the relationship with Gemini to help get this important therapy to the clinic,” said Kevin Isett, Avitide’s Chief Executive Officer.


Gemini Therapeutics is a product engine company focused on redefining AMD and linked disorders with precision medicine. Our ocular therapeutic candidates are matched to molecular abnormalities found in patients with high clinical need and our multimodal product engine has generated a rich pipeline including monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins and gene therapies. Launched with funding from leading life science investors and powered by academic partnerships around the world, we are developing a series of first-in-class therapeutics for retinal diseases and complement-mediated systemic diseases. For more information, visit

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