Our clients’ success is our success

We are driven to establish true partnerships built on innovation and value creation. Our unique and flexible process and platform allow us to maximize biologics purification, speed of development, and manufacturing economics to deliver industry-leading performance technologies.  


large biopharma and venture-backed biotechnology companies


preclinical through commercial stage

Working with Avitide

  • Partners gain access to Avitide’s proprietary technology platform. Avitide develops its proprietary AVIPure™ affinity resins to a well defined Partner need
  • Frequent and collaborative communication drives high-quality, high-performance deliverables and the agility to respond to evolving changes/demands
  • Avitide shares the risk during development and only sees value when our partners see value; our value is integral to the success of our partners programs and the biopharmaceutical industry as a whole
  • Partners can realize the benefits of Avitide’s exclusive intellectual property through a number of flexible licensing arrangements
  • Avitide works with its Partners on an IP strategy from the partnership including filing of patents or instituting protections for trade secrets


Track record of delivering to Partners’ specifications
Reputation for outstanding service and project commitment
Responsiveness and effective communication with a refreshing lack of bureaucracy
Unique and flexible partnering arrangements
Supply agility, flexibility, and security

Long-term, exclusive
IP protection

strategic growth plans

Strong financial foundation

Strong technical and business alignment
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